Allflex VID Tag Sizes

Allfex's Visual Management Tag Size Chart

LazaTag SizesHeightWidth
Super Maxi Female 14121mm76mm
Maxi Male 07 or Maxi Female 0899mm73mm
Large Male 05 or Large Female 0676mm56mm
Medium Male 03 or Medium Female 0459mm56mm
Small Male 11 or Small Female 1249mm41mm
Min Male 09 or Mini Female 1051mm17mm
Button Male 01 or Button female 0229mm

One Piece TagsHeightWidth
A-Tag Maxi - Long Neck114mm76mm
A-Tag Large - Short Neck84mm62mm
A-Tag Feedlot Tag114mm6
Feedlot Tag114mm72mm

For any questions relating to size please don't hesitate to call us on: 1300 813 500