Year Colours:

The year of birth colour system has eight colours. The colours are black, white, orange, light green, purple, yellow, red and sky blue, in that order.

Each colour designates a year on a rolling cycle starting with the colour black and ending with sky blue, and then returning to black.

Pink is used for post-breeder tags to show that sheep have been brought onto the property, usually from a different owner.

  • 2016 : BLACK
  • 2017 : WHITE
  • 2018 : ORANGE
  • 2019 : GREEN
  • 2020 : PURPLE
  • 2021 : YELLOW
  • 2022 : RED
  • 2023 : BLUE

Year Letters:

The NLISID number is printed on the outside of an electronic ear tag used to identify cattle (or on the visual ear tag indicating that a rumen bolus has been applied). The RFID number is the transponder number inside the ear tag or bolus.

The NLISID number is read visually. The RFID number is read electronically, using a hand-held or fixed panel reader.

The year of tag manufacture is indicated by a year letter. To find out more download the NLIS PDF HERE

  • 2016 : M
  • 2017 : N
  • 2018 : P
  • 2019 : Q
  • 2020 : R
  • 2021 : S
  • 2022 : T
  • 2023 : U

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