Queensland & NT NLIS Tags

NLIS device orders/request to DPI Authority forms cannot be processed unless you (the producer) has a current biosecurity entity registration. From 1 October 2019 requests for NLIS devices will be denied unless registration is current. Please ensure you have a current biosecurity entity registration before submitting an order.

Biosecurity entity registration is separate to the industry system of LPA. Detailed information about who must be registered is available at Qld Gov Website

Biosecurity Queensland have emailed all registered entities with expired registrations providing instructions on how to renew registration. If you as a producer have an online account, you can renew your registration on the Biosecurity Entity Registration Portal. If you don’t have an online account, to get access call the DAF Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23. Assistance is also available at Regional Offices

For the Queensland Land owner request for access or removal to industry systems (NLIS, LPA NVD) Form CLICK HERE This is a form to be completed and uploaded with your order when you are not the land owner where the animals are kept and you:

  • require access to industry systems (NLIS, LPA NVD), or
  • no longer require access to industry systems (NLIS, LPA NVD)

For Regional DAF offices please refer to the DAF QLD WEBSITE

Once you have access to your online account you can generate your own NLIS device order authority form online and supply to us with your order for approved NLIS devices.

As producers with an online account have already verified their details, the NLIS order form accessed using your online account is pre-authorised. This means you no longer need to seek separate authorisation from a biosecurity officer before submitting your order to us.

This speeds up the NLIS tag ordering process for Qld producers.

Up to date biosecurity entity registration information is a critical part of Queensland’s robust biosecurity system. Biosecurity entity registration allows DAF to better prepare for biosecurity emergencies, respond to biosecurity risks and trace the origin and spread of a pest or disease. This makes it easier to, for example, contact cattle producers if there’s a biosecurity event that could affect their industry.

For more information about biosecurity entity registration or renewal visit: Biosecurity Queensland or call the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23

Ordering NLIS Devices in the Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, stock owners are responsible for sourcing devices directly from manufacturers and can do so using 4tags.com. The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry & Fisheries (DPIF) does not play any part in the ordering or supply of RFIDs.

Regional contacts for Regional Livestock Biosecurity Officers can be found: HERE

For more information visit the website here: NT NLIS.

For more information about NLIS tag markings and year numbers download the PDF here: NLIS Device No’s

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