NLIS Cattle was introduced in NSW on 1 July 2004 and involves electronic identification of cattle and recording of all cattle movements in the NLIS database. Cattle are identified with approved NLIS ear devices, or rumen boluses and a matching ear tag. All movements of cattle to sale, slaughter or to any other property are recorded in the NLIS database.

NLIS (Sheep and Goats) was introduced on 1 January 2006 and in NSW is a mob based system. NLIS (Sheep and Goats) uses a combination of visually readable ear tags printed with a Property Identification Code (PIC), an NLIS movement document which accompanies every mob of sheep or goats when they move, and the recording of all movements of sheep and goats in the NLIS database, to provide traceability.

For more information visit the website click here: NSW Department of Primary Industries

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RLPB administer non-compulsory forms of stock identification such as brands and earmarks, which play a traditional role in identifying stock ownership and reducing stock theft.

The design involves one symbol or two symbols selected from those shown in Schedule 4 at the end of the attached document.

The process for NSW producers to obtain earmarking pliers is as follows:

To register, applicants should contact their local office. Contact details can be found here http://www.rlpb.org.au/contact

They will issue a Registration certificate (PDF) that will authorise the manufacture of ear marking pliers.

To order simply visit  – https://4tags.com.au/shop/leader-ear-markers/ and select:

  1. Cattle/Sheep
  2. Type, Single or Combo
  3. State
  4. Enter Your PIC No
  5. Upload the Registration Certificate PDF (using upload link)
  6. Proceed to check out

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